Curious Fact of the Week: The Fine Felines of the Cat House

North of Los Angeles is a desert oasis just for beautiful exotic cats. EFBC’s Feline Conservation Center, better known as the Cat House, is the home of over 70 cats from an astonishing number of species.

There are tigers, a clouded leopard, snow leopard, jaguars, a petite jaguarundi, pallas’ cat, an ocelot, a bobcat, a Canada lynx, a margay, a jungle cat, a serval, and more fine felines (you can see details on each of the “residents” here). The Cat House was started in 1977 by Joseph and Jeanne Maynard and the nonprofit has been open to the public since 1983, dedicating itself to education on exotic cats, as well as their preservation and protection.

More Fine Felines of the Cat House…