Hollywood Sign - Los Angeles, California

We’ve all seen it in movies, TV shows, photographs, postcards, and commercials – the sign that lets you know you’re in the motion picture capital of the world.

The Hollywood sign was dedicated in 1923, originally reading “Hollywoodland” and was built to last just 18 months, as its goal was to advertise a housing development. After seeing some lean times in the 1970s, when one of the “O”s completely fell down, the sign has been revived and is a beacon to all visitors to Los Angeles. What many people DON’T see, though, is the back of the sign – but it turns out it’s pretty easy to access via an approximate 45-minute (one-way) hike.

Don’t just stop behind the sign, either. Look behind you and find the steps that go even higher, giving much better views of the city, the Observatory made famous by “Rebel Without a Cause,” and the Hugh Hefner Overlook marker. 

All the details for your hike to the Hollywood Sign on Atlas Obscura…