H. R. Giger Museum - Gruyére, Switzerland

In the quaint medieval city of Gruyére, Switzerland, you may meander the cobblestone streets and tour the delightful old Gruyére cheese factory. But a far more fascinating site here contrasts with the Swiss scenery and piques the modern curiosity. Along the way to the fromagerie is the H.R. Giger Museum, immediately differentiated from its surroundings by the full-sized alien crawling on its façade.

Even if the name H. R. Giger doesn’t mean anything to you, chances are you are familiar with his best known creation. H. R. Giger is the mind behind the titular monsters from the Alien movie franchise, among many other works frightening works of art. Swiss-born, Giger chose the quiet town of Gruyére for his place of residence, and now the town’s medieval walls house a museum dedicated to his works.

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