ESSENTIAL GUIDE: Bars at the End of the World

People have found ways to live in the most inhospitable places on earth. Nearly immediately after finding a way to survive, they have found a way to get drunk.

Likely because of, rather than in spite of, the challenges of living in the far reaches of the world, establishing a communal space is a survival necessity. Be it at the base of an active volcano, inside a 6,000-year-old tree, or even on your way to Mount Everest, no matter how far off the grid you end up, you are likely to find a place for strong spirits and lively conversation.

In this Essential Guide, Atlas Obscura takes you from Antarctica and the deserts of Australia to Pitcairn Island and a Scottish blacksmith forge-cum-bar, before popping off for “just one more” in the heart of a South African baobab tree…

We raise a glass to some of the oldest, most remote, and simply unlikely “Bars at the End of the World” in which to have a drink. Cheers!

Essential Guide: Bars at the End of the World | Atlas Obscura